Cermondian Imperial Army

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Cermondian Army
Cermondian Army Logo
Founded September 3, 2011
Headquarters Cermond, Cermondy
General nature Military
Secretary of Defence Emeperor Ronald I
Commander Emperor Ronald I
First Military Forces of Cermondy
General information
Standard weapon AR-15 Assault Rifle.

The Cermondian Army is the main defensive force of Cermondy. It is also a scientific organization and exploratory force.


The Cermondian Army has been involved in no conflicts and two Exploratory Expeditions for their nation. They are the force behind Cermondy's ability to expand beyond current borders.

First Expedition

The first expedition outside of Cermondian territory was held on September 4, 2011. It went into the woodlands to the Northwest of the capitol of Cermond. This resulted in the creation of the Territory of Arboretum, run by Regence. This was the first territory established in Cermondy.

Second Expedition

The second Army Expedition took place in the North Carolina city of Charlotte on September 18, 2011. A female army official calling herself "Charlotte" met the Dictator at her home and established the City of Charlottestown. Afterwards, the Dictator and Charlotte went to the NHRA Drag Races to celebrate.

Imperial Army

The first modern assault rifle in Cermondy.
The emperor saluting his armed forces.

On October 13, 2011, the Cermondian Government made a transition to an absolute monarchy. This began the modern Cermondian Imperial Army. The emperor promised a modernization of the country's military and industry. Soon after, the military began importing AR-15 assault rifles from the United States.

Third Expedition

The third expedition took place on October 21, 2011. The Imperial Army invaded the US counties of Fairfield and Richland to create another large metropolitan area in Cermondy. Nicolas I became the first Duke of Columbiana on the next day.


Rank Symbol Amount in Military
Recruit CerRecruit.png 1
Private CerPrivate.png 1
Corporal CerCorporal.png 0
Sergeant CerSergeant.png 0
Lieutenant CerRecruit.png 0
Captain CerCaptain.png 2
Major CerRecruit.png 1
Commander CerCommander.png 1
Lt. Colonel CerLtColonel.png 1
General CerGeneral.png 2
Field Marshal CerFieldMarshal.png 1
Supreme Marshal CerSupremeMarshal.png 1
National Force CerNationalForce.png 1


Cermondian Recruits are required to survive a week in the wilderness of the Southeastern US. After that, they are trained in marching and dicipline. After they are done with marching, they learn to handle live weaponry.