Central Protectorate Palace

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Central Protectorate
The Central Protectorate seen from the southern border in Vignetia
General information
Architectural styleItalian brutalist
Decracy of Vilthia
Addresspiazza Libertà, 1
Current tenantsSovereign of the Decracy of Vilthia,
Titianus II
Construction started1958
OwnerCentral Protectorate

The Central Protectorate Palace is a palace in Vignetia, used as seat of the Central Protectorate and official residence of the Sovereign of the Decracy of Vilthia.


The palace was built by the brotherhood of St. Sebastian in 1958 to house the brotherhood's seat, and was inaugurated in 1960.
It was designed by architect Enzo Colledani.
Since 2007 it is used as seat of the Central Protectorate and as residence of the Sovereign.


  • Ground floor: Reception, Atrium, secretariate, Chamber of the Boats (sovereign's office), Prefecture of the Royal Residence (office);
  • First floor: Sovereign's private office/studio, Chamber of the Kingdom (Council of the Nobles meeting place), State dining room, Sovereign's Apartment (composed of living room, bedroom, bathroom);
  • Second floor: Throne Chamber, Office of the Camerlengo, Golden Chamber (Small Council meeting place), Situation Room.