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Çentyyrrholm (English: City in the Middle)
Banner of Ccentyyrrhoml depicting the smithing and Brewing industries

Province of Copan
Motto: Wœn hærtes lé stéjøl gúdrédh fló (Our hearts will forever flow with steel)
Upper Cópan, R-3
FoundedEra 3
CouncilÇentyyrrxawngropën ciit Cópan (The central council of Cópan)
NCMsJan Baszoran, Efvelbært Lisziow, and Jordan Sem

Szentyyrholm, meaning center place, (Spelt Ccentyyrholm in older dialeccts) is a province of Copan. Szentyyrholm was founded during the reign of Emperor Ceboku during the third Era. The capital city of Copan is found in Szentyyrholm.

Ancient History

The geographical area now known as Szentyyrholm used to be the location of the clan of Orontonia which fell during a battle between Orontonia and the rival clan of Fabon long before the Copan-Etrica war. The clan of Orontonia would later rise again after the clan of Fabon moved out of the land of Szentyyrholm when an unknown tribe invaded the capital of clan Fabon(Located in what is now known as The Motherlands). The clan of Orontonia then made peace with the clan of Fabon(Who by that time lived in what is now known as Magaszevaw). After this peace was made a new group of people came up, called the clan of Etrica.

Recent History

During the third Era, Emperor Ceboku I founded the province of Szentyyrholm as the capital of Copan. After being made the capital of Copan, Szentyyrholm started to grow economically, leading to the booming Smiting and perfume brewing industries which became the bacbone of the Copananic economy.