Candor Leadership

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The government of the Candor faction is run by a single leader. This leader is decided by the adults of the faction. This leader would serve until they resigned or die.

Aaron Stewart served as Candor leader since Estremitá's founding. Candor citizen, Jacob Miller, talked to General Kyle Williams on the matter of Mr. Stewart's inactivity as leader. It was decided that Jacob Miller would be Aaron's representative. This only solved the problem for a small time. On 28 September 2014, Jacob told General Williams that he wanted to take Mr. Stewart to court for leadership. General Williams took the court request to Councilor Dakota Wiggins, a known Miller Supporter, who approved. Mr. Stewart was arraigned and Aaron Stewart v. Jacob Miller started on 29 September 2014, the same day as the Nazi Galion-Estremitá War. The trial lasted only three days with Aaron Stewart resigning from Candor leadership on 2 October 2014. Jacob Miller immediately took power in Candor.

List of Candor Leaders

Name Leader from Leader to
Aaron Stewart 20 May 2014 2 October 2014
Jacob Miller 2 October 2014 Incumbent