Camurian Ministry of Intelligence (Division One)

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Ministry of Military Intelligence, Divison One
Headquarters: Godricsun
Official Languages: English
Commander-in-Chief: Classified
Establishment: 27 August 1967

The Ministry of Military Intelligence, Division One, or the M.I.1 as they are more commonly know are the head of Camuria's spy and Police forces. In the past the M.I.1 have helped Camuria achieve crucial advantages over their enemies, which have lead to a Camurian long line of victories. Currently in service across the Empire and working against threats to Camuria in anyway the Ministry is a service that is in full support of the Monarchy, rather than Parliament, and only can be led by the monarch and are a higher office and position of power than the Upper House's agencies. With a large amount of resources at their disposal the Ministry, holds all weapons and most legal documentation. They are the commanding force behind the King's Royal Body Guard and protect the Archives of the King's Library in his home, where most legal documentaion is stored for Camuria. After the resignation of Commander-in-Chief Hughes, a new Commander was chosen for the position, making Commander Hughes, the shortest serving leader of M.I.1.