Cable sailing

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A sailer in a slide

Cable Sailing is one of the national sports of the Imperial Monarchy of Qootärlænt.
The goal is to make the biggest jump using a playground zip-wire.


Cable Sailing was invented in the summer of 2011 by HIM Antonio I and Wimpie, Minister of Sports and Education.
Wimpie and Antonio where just having fun with the zip-wire when they suddenly thought it to be fun to try it the other way.
"In the traditional use you go downward. But maybe it is fun to go up."
Some rules where formed when playing around. The first rule to form was that you had to cross a certain line. Like the finish. Other rules where created later on.
The sport is still developing.


A sailer doing a run-up

The terms used for Cable Sailing are as following: The players are called 'Sailers.' The zip-wire is called 'Track.' One attempt to make a jump is called a 'slide.' When the Sailer crosses the line or not, the referee shouts 'IN!' or 'OUT!'


A sailer landing past the finish-line

The goal of a slide is to make the largest leap from the point of your last step until on or past the finish-line. The point of the toe of the last step is measured. The sailer sliding next tries to make a bigger jump. This will repeat for several rounds. The winner is the one with the biggest distance between his last step and the finish (if he crossed the line without touching the ground.) There are no limitations on how long a run-up you make.