Buddie Union

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The Buddie Union
Flag of Buddie Union
File:New England
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish
GovernmentConstitutional Elective Monarchy
EstablishmentSeptember 18, 2015
• Census
Time zoneEastern Standard Time

Buddie Union, otherwise known as the Buddies, is a nation located in New England formed in 2015. It has had a long, illustrious history, with many changes and developments.


The name “The Buddie Union” was made in 2015 by the original leaders. The word “buddie” is misspelled as they were in elementary school but it has stayed that way ever since for cultural purposes.


Formation and early period of the Buddies (2015-2017)

In circa autumn 2015 the Buddies were formed. At first we were not a big deal but as soon as people started joining we became a “noticeable thing”. In the beginning, the two leaders, Aiden F and Will C were not friends. Eventually they got back together and formed the Buddies with Maddie F. The first meeting place of the Buddies is at the structure behind their elementary school. This is where meetings would take place. Sometime in the formation of the Buddie Union, Maddie was appointed the third leader and stayed a leader throughout her career, ending it after 6 years with her retirement in November 2021.

In the 2017 -2019 era, the Buddies were working on digging up what they called the “J rock”. It was called this because there was a J carved into it. The Buddies believed it was a portal to the underworld. The rock was shaped like a house and it is believed that it was the home base of the baseball field that was there. It took three years to dig it up with the sticks and rocks available. The friendship between the two leaders lasted for the foreseeable future but they sort of drifted apart in the vast sea we call time. They somewhat got back together in 2019 when 5th grade began and friend groups shifted. From third grade to now, the friendship is good.

The near-collapse of the Buddie Union

In mid months of 2018 the Buddies had a huge conflict with Andrew B, who later became a leader of Folistan, that led to the near collapse of the Buddies. Andrew was being removed from the Buddies because he had been interpreting himself as another leader. He fired back with accusations against Will. He wanted to be a leader and we wouldn’t stop until he got what he wanted. In the summer of 2018, the Buddies were at a summer camp. While we were there there was a massive conflict, this led to the Buddies’ government making the decision to lay everyone off for a very long time and that’s where it was forgotten for a while. In late 2019 if reformed into the semi-constitutional monarchy we have today.

Murican/Buddies conflict

On 1/30/20 at 12:00 PM, Will C, leader of the Buddies, announced he was “seriously thinking” about starting a war with Folistan. Later in the day, he announced the decision was final. On 1/31/20, they decided not to have a war, but they won't have an alliance unless Will and Aiden, leaders of the Buddies, decide to be allies again. On 2/5/20, Will and Aiden decided to be allies again, but it only lasted until 2/10/20.

On 2/6/20, the leader of Rhysopia expanded his nation into a bigger nation titled Murica (later called Uri-nation), based on the term “‘Murican”. Folistan and the Buddies would have a verbal war with Murica. On 2/7/20, they decided not to when the Buddies became allies with Murica. Folistan did not become allies due to its leader interrupting meetings and disorderly conduct. On 2/10/20, they decided to reinstate the verbal war because they found spies from Murica. It was confirmed that day. The Buddies were also fighting on Murica’s side. The Buddies said that they had powerful nuclear weapons (which was a lie) and Folistan wouldn’t dare attack as much as they would like. This war was a major turning point for Folistan. On 2/14/20 (coincidentally Day of the Arrow), the Buddies stopped intervening with the Murican war. However, on 2/22/20, Will sent Andrew a conflicting text saying they would only stop the conflict if Folistan was a nation under the Buddies. He has repeatedly denied stopping the conflict.

On 3/12/20, Jack, then a leader of Folistan, brought up the fact that it had been 31 days since the beginning of the war, which led to further discussion and the ultimate revelation that there had been no official declaration of war, which meant there was no war at all. Upon learning that, Patrick (also a leader of Folistan) went up to the table that the Buddies and Murica were sitting at and surrendered, knowing that they didn't actually surrender since there was no war, thus ending the drama. The leader of Murica later admitted that he was “just trying to piss [Folistan] off”. On 5/26/20, at 2:17 PM, The Buddie Union and Folistan became allies again.

During August of that year, while the Buddies and Folistan were still allied, the Buddies’ decided to go all out in an effort to end Folistan once and for all. They almost did it but Will got tired of war and wanted peace. However, Murica’s leader was mad with power and said “if you're with Folistan we are out of the alliance”. Then the other leader said “they do what they want to do and that’s fine”. Finally, The Buddie Union became allied with The Elective Oligarchy Of Folistan in the form of the Collaboration of Nations. At 2:18 PM on Monday, November 16, 2020, the peace treaty was signed by the leaders of both Folistan and The Buddie Union.

The Collaboration of Nations vs. the 69ers

On December 2, 2020 some random kid called one of the leaders. Over the past week he called the leaders of Uri-nation and the Buddie Union. The Buddie Union declared war on this kid on December 3, 2020, who called his nation the “69ers”. There were only spam attacks because this was the only way to attack. On December 3, 2020, Maddie was allowed to be a leader after 2 years of not being a leader, but also as a citizen of the nation “Grandma’s Car Nation”. It was the first time that the Buddie Union allowed dual citizenship. The Collaboration of Nations won 4 of 5 of the battles during the war. The Collaboration declared peace 5 minutes after the other war (see below) ended, at 7:02 PM, 12/11/20.

The Collaboration of Nations vs. Uri-nation

On 12/7/20, heat was rising in Yurination (formerly known as Murica) again. On 12/9/20, 12:00 PM, the alliance between the Buddie Union and Yurination ended, and 12:48 PM, The Collaboration of Nations officially declared war on Yurination because they were spamming the nation’s group chat with hundreds of messages. The war ended when Yurination collapsed later that day. However, The Collaboration of Nations did not officially win until 6:56 PM, 12/11/20, when he sent the following message: “Yuri isn’t a thing anymore, we've just ended it.” Earlier, the leader had brought up something from the war that had happened a few days earlier, and Yurination had officially collapsed.

Lyndonburg State Hospital

On 3/8/21, renovations began on House For the Deceased #2. When renovations began, it was found that if we had not done this, the entire building would collapse within days. Upon opening it, we found that the entire second floor was shattered and was slowly slipping off the foundation. The third floor was almost completely gone by the time renovations began. It is speculated that when the canal was being built, the tractor hit the building and caused the untimely demise of the building. We know for a fact that it was hit during the construction and are looking into this. From 3-8/21 to 3/21/21, construction was happening on the Lyndonburg Chapel, the first state run mental facility in the Buddie Union. It can hold up to 2,500 patients and 350 Staff at its maximum capacity. Construction on Lyndonburg was completed on March 21, 2021 and opened that same day. Since then, it has been running with some minor issues but nothing too bad.

Folistan merges

Due to internal conflict in Folistan, Jack, governor of the then-Folistanian state of Woodshire, seceded on October 5, 2021 at 1:14 PM. Approximately a week later, Forlandia joined the Buddie Union as well and the lost Folistanian state of Oakwood quit, officially merging Folistan with the Buddies.

The New Age

On November 3, 2021, the old nurses ward was demolished. This building was also known as “the ugliest building in the whole Buddie Union”, and most people would agree. After the building was demolished, the new nurses wing was built in its place. The nurses wing is connected to the main administrative building. The nurses wing has an overpass and is the first of its kind. On November 11, the administration building at Lyndonburg State Hospital had lighting installed, this marked an important milestone for the Buddie Union. Also on this day, Jack O and Caeden built a building at Caeden’s house.

The War at Buck Hill

On November 12, 2021, Will, Caeden and Jack of the Buddie Union went to Buck Hill Scout Reservation for a scouting trip. In the morning of the following day (November 13, 2021), Will began to tell the story of his former friendship with unnamed persons. By coincidence, one of said unnamed persons’ troops was also camping nearby, although they never interacted with each other. Off in the woods, someone spotted two people in red hoodies who were spying on us and they quickly fled. Later that day, the same group but with a few of the younger scouts were hanging out on ledges overlooking a campsite. Suddenly, a few of the people at the campsite, including the two kids in red hoodies, charged at them, and they immediately retreated. This happened two more times but the other group, Troop 102, retreated both times. Sometime around noon, they announced themselves as the “Hogriders" and Will immediately declared war against them. This led to the Battle of Lunchtime, which was rather uneventful except for Will getting stabbed in the rib but eventually led to the retreat of the Hogriders.

The Buddie Union sent spies out to keep track of what the Hogriders were doing, which included making a whip. A few hours later during mid-afternoon, they attacked again which led to the Battle of Seconds. This was the most eventful battle of the day, which ended in 2 injuries on the Buddies side, both from the whip, and 2 injuries on the Hogriders side, including Jack accidentally hitting someone in the eye with the butt end of a stick. They eventually called it a draw and retreated, but said there would be an “ultimate battle” at sundown.

About an hour before sundown, the Buddie Union began preparations for the Battle of Sundown, which was thought to be the climax of the war, however when sundown came along, no one was to be seen. They yelled down to them saying that either they fight now or it will be considered surrender. They said that they “wouldn’t fight them in the rain and dark” which led to them being called wimps and cowards. Nevertheless, the Buddie Union waited for at least 30 minutes for them to attack, but they never did, so it was considered a Buddie Union victory by surrender. The state of Rockshire was also formed during this conflict.

Flag change

On November 16, the Buddie Union realized that the old flag that they had been using was the anarchy flag with symbols over it. They came up with multiple designs, and finally decided on one. Unfortunately, this ended up being the anarcho-primitivist flag. After this there was a period without a flag, culminating in a 3 day long debate between Jack and Will before settling on the current flag.

2022 retirements

During the year 2022, the Buddie Union lost many of its founding members to disinterest. The first was the eventful resignation of Jack O, governor of Woodshire, on March 16, 2022, despite a period of fruitful expeditions immediately prior. He rejoined the next day on the condition that it would become an "organization", something that the governor of Rockshire, Caeden L, strongly opposed. This resulted in the two governors forming the Micronationalist and Organizationalist parties and exchanging long essays from their respective sides. On March 27, 2022, Jack O formed his own "organization" which, rather than an actually active organization, became an inactive Discord server. However, Jack was still involved with similar active efforts during this time. On March 31, 2022, he announced his formal resignation from the Buddie Union due to disinterest. He rejoined yet again on April 6 but left for good 5 days later on the 11th. The Buddie Union became somewhat inactive other than occassional relations with Fontasia, and Will C announced his resignation on September 18, 2022 with a short retirement message to the Discord server. In the midst of all this, former Governor of Stonkshire Aiden F left the Discord server, presumably leaving the nation. As a result, Caeden L is now the temporary President of the Buddie Union and the temporary governor of 4 states along with the District of Lyndonburg, in theory until elections take place.


The leader is elected by the citizens but serves for life or until resignation or impeachment. The leader is the main executive of the Union and has the authority to give out executive orders, so long as they do not violate any of the rights listed in the bill of rights. As the leader has the responsibility to keep the nation alive and well, they can impeach a member of the Governor’s Council after a fair trial if they are commiting destructive acts. The council under the leader, known as the Governor’s Council, is the executive board of the Buddie Union. If the entire Governor’s Council feels that an executive order will cause a negative effect, they can, with proper evidence, use the governor’s override. If the Governor’s Council feels that the leader is not doing his job properly because he shows a lack of interest in the nation, they can, after a fair trial, impeach the leader.

In order to pitch an idea to the government, you must contact the council of governors. Once you have contacted them, either choose a time to meet to discuss your law idea. Or you could just give your idea to the Council of Governors and let them contact you for more information. From there, we must all collectively contribute towards writing out a highly detailed summary of the Law. This is called an Act. The act must have been reviewed and revised by the council of governors. The law is then sent to the president and that is where it either gets passed or vetoed. If an Act is vetoed either give feedback or edit it and then hold a meeting to debate what is being brought to the table. Then, the council of governors has to print the law and they all must sign their individual names. You can not sign for someone else. The judicial branch of the Buddie Union is the Supreme Court of the Buddie Union, led by the chief justice. The chief justice is in charge of all trials and hearings that take place in the Supreme Court. A new chief justice is elected every four years. The chief justice can serve two terms. The court magistrate serves under the chief justice and is their assistant. A new court magistrate is elected every four years and can also serve two terms.

Administrative divisions and territory

Flag Name Governor
N/A Lyndonburg Caeden L
Forlandia Patrick C
N/A Kerrengrad Caeden L (Filling in temporarily after original governor stepped down)
N/A Stonkshire Caeden L (Filling in temporarily after original governor stepped down)
Rockshire Caeden L
Woodshire Caeden L (Filling in temporarily after original governor stepped down)

There are three types of areas in the Buddie Union: active, semi-active and inactive territory. Active territory is land that we have the right to roam across and explore, such as public parks, cemeteries, or other open land. Inactive territory is land that we still claim, but the people inside of it are not considered citizens and we cannot trespass on (covers 10 towns). Semi-active territory includes the private homes and yards of citizens. They are not considered inactive as they are not entirely off-limits and citizens often build structures on the land, but you need the permission of the landowner to visit. Foreign nations are prohibited from taking any territory, no matter its status.

The Buddie Union is situated directly south of the Kingdom of Fontasia, with the two nations bordering each other, and as the are both members of the Alliance of the Micronations, this is a significant alliance.

Claimed lands of the Buddie Union.

Foreign relations

On 12/7/21, the Buddie Union joined the Micronational Peace and Defense Organization, also known as the MPDO. This means they are allied with other nations. However, later that night, the leader of Ziberstein joined. Ziberstein had previously made comments about keeping citizens out using guns, which later turned out to be jokes. However, just in case, Will notified the leader of the MPDO that Ziberstein’s behavior, and they were successfully banned but are now part of the Alliance of the Micronations. Although the war never officially came to an end, it is ignored and abandoned and the two nations have settled their disputes.

On 2/24/22, the Buddie Union looked over an agreement with the Kingdom of Fontasia regarding territory. The agreement stated that citizens of both nations can walk the territory of the other nation, and a border was formed known as the "Cedar Line".


The Buddie Union Military, which can be shortened to the B.U.M., is the military and armed forces of the Buddie Union. The different branches of the B.U.M include: The Banana Battalion, the information-centered branch. The Royal Army, which fights battles on land. The Navy, which fights on sea. The Air Force, which fights in the air. The Marines provide support to all the branches through land, sea and air.

Geography and climate

The Buddie Union is mainly located in a river valley in Massachusetts with the main rivers being the Blackstone River, West River, Mumford River, and French River. The main hills are Peppercorn Hill, Goat Hill, Wolf Hill and Miscoe Hill. There are other smaller geographical features as well, which are best showcased in the national parks and forests of the Buddie Union. The climate of the Buddie Union is a humid continental climate, with hotter summers and colder winters with lots of precipitation in the spring. During autumn, the foliage in the area is splendid.