Blades Party

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Blades Party
LeaderJamie Shawcroft
Founded15th January 2013
HeadquartersSheffield, United Kingdom
White Supremacy
Political positionFar-Right
Official coloursCrimson and White
Seats in Reichstag
1 / 10

The Blades Party is a registered political party in Monovia and an unregistered pressure group in the UK. It was founded by Jamie Shawcroft, a controversial politician who is known for stating that Britain should "bomb the mosques". The party officially supports the idea of White Supremacy and has often clashed with Afro-Monovish citizens. The party is openly racist, and has been supportive of the ideas of Adolf Hitler, whilst denying any affiliation with National Socialism. It has supported the criminalization of Homosexuality.

The Blades Party has mostly found its support from working class Monovians, many of which are tired of internal instability and foreign meddling in Monovia. It has been labelled a paramilitary, Football Hooligan group and extremist organization. However, the party maintains that it wants "the peaceful deportation of non-whites" and it has opposed violence (however party officials have often made calls for violence against Muslims). It has blamed immigrants for recent economic issues in the United Kingdom.

The party has been a legal political entity in Monovia since the 19th of January 2013. It became famous after its members interrupted a Reichstag meeting on the 17th of January about Prince Vladimir's opposition to the new Crown Prince (who was ironically Afro-Monovish). Jamie Shawcroft announced his indignation at Vladimir, and he and several other Politicians began shouting for a Rebellion. At that time the party was still offically unregistered, although it had secured political representation in the Reichstag nevertheless.

References and Notes

  1. Despite denying being Fascist, the party is openly Racist and has supported the policies of Adolf Hitler