Bethanian Defense Force

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Defense and Policing Force of Bethania
Defensa y la Fuerza de Policía de Bethania (Spanish)
Défense et la Force de Police de Béthanie (French)
BethMilitary Seal.gif
Seal of the Bethanian Defense Force
Established November 1, 2010
Country Social Republic of Bethania
Branches Police, Air Force, Navy, SpecOps Forces
Commander-in-Chief Enriqé V. Qeli
General information
Headquarters Capital Base, Racetrack District, Bethany Beach

The Bethanian Defense Force is the military and police force of the Social Republic of Bethania. Its primary job is the defense and policing of the Metropolitan Bethania, and the administering of the defense forces of Protectorates and Dependent States of Bethania. It consists of the Police, Air Force, Navy and SpecOps (Special Operations) Forces and has a tradition of civilian control of the military, and so the Prime Minister of Bethania is the Commander-in-Chief, while the Minister of Defense is a military advisor with strong influence in the armed forces.

Although the Bethanian Defense Force is the de facto military of Bethania, they live by their name and do not engage in any military action other than the defense and Bethania is forbidden by its constitution to declare war on another country unless that country has issued a declaration of war first.

Police Force

The Police Force of Bethania is effectively the country's army and would be the branch responsible for land operation, should Bethania ever be involved in a military conflict. However, currently, the Bethanian Police Force is only involved in policing metropolitan Bethania and its embassies.