Bethany Beach

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City of Bethany Beach
Bethany Beach's many highlights
Bethany Beach highlighted in red within the Autonomous Municipality of Brthany

Bethany Beach is the capital city of the Social Republic of Bethania and of the Autonomous Municipality of Bethany. Bethany Beach, South Bethany and Fenwick Island are popularly known as "The Quiet Resorts". Assisting Bethany Beach's reputation as a "quiet" place is the presence of Delaware Seashore National Park immediately to the north of the town, a six mile-long barrier island that provides a buffer to the noise of Dewey and Rehoboth Beaches. Despite its small size, Bethany Beach boasts the usual attractions of a summer seaside resort, including a short boardwalk, a broad, sandy beach, motels, restaurants, and vacation homes. Because Bethany Beach does not sit on a barrier island, residential areas continue some distance to the west of the town's limits.

Bethany Beach is located on the Eastern Seaboard, and is bordered to the north by North Ocean View, Beach Cove and Sussex Shores, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by South Bethany and Middlesex, and to the west by Ocean View and Blackwater. Bethany Beach contains many forms of wildlife, including Sand Sharks. The town is bordered to the east completely by free public beaches, all guarded seasonally by professional lifeguards known as the Bethany Beach Patrol.