Best of DJ Zeddy

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"Best of DJ Zeddy" is a 2020 compilation album of songs by released by Zed under his stage name "DJ Zeddy". It includes his most well known songs, from an array of genres, such as EDM, dubstep, electro funk and experimental among others. It also includes an original song made for the album, "Similar Funk".

Track listing

No. Title Length Album
1 "Piano Force" 03:04 "DJ Zeddy"
2 "Courage" 01:39 "DJ Zeddy"
3 "The Squishes" 02:19 "DJ Zeddy"
4 "DROP DA BASS" 03:20“ "DJ Zeddy"
5 "Funky Spark" 04:04 "!"
6 "Bright" 03:33 "!"
7 "The Maniac Picnic of Lullabies" 03:38 "1st of June 2020"
8 "GUM DIS TRACK" 01:04 Single
9 "Thunder" 00:49 Single
10 "Similar Funk" 03:39 "Best of DJ Zeddy"