Bedroom Empire

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Bedroom Empire
Motto: In Sleep,We Trust
CapitalThe Bed
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentUnitary Absolute monarchy
• Emperor
Vincent I
• Prime Minister
Jack C.
Independence from United States
• Establishment of the Empire
2 November 2019
• Estimate
CurrencyUnited states dollar (US; $)
Time zoneEST
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy;
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

Bedroomia, more commonly known as the Bedroom Empire, was a micronation with an Absolute Monarchy government. The nation was ruled by His Imperial Majesty, Vincent I, Emperor of Bedroomia. The nation was founded on November 2, 2019, when Vincent's main micronation, the Free American Republic, was very inactive. He and his friend, Jack C., declared his bedroom as a new independent state with Vincent as it's first Emperor. Vincent decided that he would just have fun with it. He made his friend Jack the Prime Minister and he made his stuffed animals the members of the Imperial Council. The Emperor would commission a national anthem, "Heil dir im Siegerkranz", which was the anthem of the old German Empire, and a national motto, "In dormiente, ideo spera" which means "In Sleep, We Trust", which is a parody of the motto of the United States, "In God, We Trust".


Bedroomia's name came from the Bedroom, which is the place it is located in.


Foundation & Early Developments

The history of Bedroomia began on November 2, 2019, with the crowning of it's first Emperor, Vincent I. He crowned himself Emperor as his main micronation at the time, the Free American Republic, was very inactive. Emperor Vincent quickly got to work. He named his friend, Jack, as Prime Minister and made his stuffed animals the members of the Imperial Council, a group that would serve as the head of the empire's military branches and government ministries. He also grouped his plastic army men into two armies and named his large toy aircraft carrier he had as the first warship of the navy. The government would hold a few meetings to discuss events. The nation had two companies from, Bedroom Film Corporation, which would produce films, and Bedroom Naval Corporation, which produced warships for the Navy. The Lego people in Vincent's bedroom would also be incorporated into the empire as citizens and some became part of a new third army.

Early Conflicts, Space Launches & Military Developments

In January 2020, the nation experienced it's first conflict, the Lightsaber Rebellion, in which a group of rogue Lego citizens and soldiers tried to depose Vincent. The Rebellion was crushed within a day. The Bedroom Space Agency launched several rockets in Kerbal Space Program, which had mixed results. On February 19, 2020, another rebellion broke out, lead by Colonel Lewis Octan, a Lego soldier, in the settlement of Burana, within an hour, this was also crushed with ease. The military continued to grow with more warships, tanks, aircraft, and artillery being added. More Lego commanders were introduced, such as the now-famous General George Buster McConnell.

The Great Lego War

Between March–April 2020, inactivity began to rise in the empire. The Republic was now dissolved and the Arthurian Empire was established. On April 13, 2020, conflict erupted in Bedroomia as a rebel government called the Lego Republic and three warlord cliques were founded and began fighting each other and the Emperor's national government. Several battles were fought, such as the Battle of the Weighted Blanket and the Battle of Legograd. The war finally came to an end on April 26, 2020, when the Imperial Navy, led by Admirals Alexander Valerian and Ivan Edwards decisively crushed the Lego Republic's Navy in the Battle of the Bathtub. The Fort Brick Armistice officially ended the conflict.

Government weakness & Rebellion

After the war ended, the government became weak, a short-lived rebellion on April 28, 2020, saw Crown Prince Roman become Emperor for around 2 hours before the rebel leaders were captured and Vincent was reinstated. At this point, the military ran the Empire and civilian administration was all but gone. On April 29, 2020, the Republic of Vesturia, led by Sean Maclaner, peacefully broke away from the empire, occupying the upper part of the bedroom. The Empire fought a short 30-minute conflict with the Republic, with only one battle being fought, a naval battle which saw the Vesturian Republican Navy, under command of Admiral Ashton Farley, decisively crushed in a naval battle against the Imperial fleet under Valerian. A truce was quickly signed as both sides did not want to see the conflict escalate into a brutal ground war. The war gave pride to the military but the government itself looked weak due to the independence of Vesturia.


On April 30, 2020, Emperor Vincent officially dissolved the empire and abdicated as Bedroomian Emperor. He declared a provisional kingdom and announced his plans to begin to move Bedroomia to be annexed by the Arthurian Empire. This caused several groups to rise up and attempt to seize power. This began a period known as the Age of Division which ended on May 3, 2020, with the defeat of the last rebel factions. The Kingdom of Bedroomia was shortly afterwards annexed in the Arthurian Empire, ending Bedroomia as an independent state.


The Bedroom Empire was an absolute monarchy where the Emperor holds absolute power. He appointed officials, commanded the military and passed laws. The Prime Minister served as his adviser and the Imperial Council served as the heads of the various government ministries and military branches. After The Great Lego War, civilian administration had been virtually non-existent and the military held de facto power.


The Bedroom Imperial Armed Forces were the primary aspect of the Bedroom Empire. They were made up of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Space Force. At it's peak, it was estimated that the Bedroom Imperial Army maintains around 150-170 soldiers of both plastic army men and Lego types. The Army also had dozens of tanks and around 24 artillery in it's arsenal. The Navy possessed a total of 11 warships. Some of these were made of plastic water bottles and a few were made from Legos. The Air force possessed a few Lego aircraft and the Space Force maintained 3 Lego star cruisers.


Vincent has said he remembers the Bedroom Empire as a fun little project while it lasted.