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Prince of the Kingdom of Baustralia is a royal title normally granted to sons and grandsons of reigning and past Baustralian monarchs. The title is granted by the reigning monarch, who is the fount of all honours, through the issuing of letters patent as an expression of the royal will.

Individuals holding the title of prince will usually also be granted the style of Royal Highness. When a Baustralian prince is married, his wife, if not already a princess in her own right, gains the title in her husband's princely title.


Coronet of a prince
  • Princes holding peerages: HRH The Prince X, the Y of Z (Y and Z being the territorial designation of the highest peerage), e.g. HRH The Prince John, the Duke of Kingston
  • Princes not holding peerages: HRH The Prince X
  • Grandsons of the monarch holding peerage: HRH Prince X of Z (Z being their highest peerage)
  • Grandsons of the monarch not holding peerage: HRH Prince X of Z (Z being their father's highest peerage)