Baustralian Highway 10

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Baustralian Highway 10 shield

Baustralian Highway 10
WCdr E.J. Parker Road
Route information
Maintained by Baustralian Ministry of Transportation
Length0.1 km (0.1 mi)
Major junctions
East endBaustralia 11.svg Baustralian Highway 11
West endBaustralia 9.svg Baustralian Highway 9
Highway system
Highway 9Highway 11

Baustralian Highway 10 starts at Highway 9, it connects it to Highway 11. These three highways loop Flavora City. The route is generally east-west running, and is completely straight.


Municipality Distance Exit Destination Notes
Flavora City 0.0 m Baustralia 11.svg Highway 11
34.5 m 1 Baustralia 1.svg Highway 1
100.0 m 2 Baustralia 9.svg Highway 9