Baustralian Antarctic Territory

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Baustralian Antarctic Territory
Flag of Baustralian Antarctic Territory
Coat of arms of Baustralian Antarctic Territory
Coat of arms
• Monarch
John I
• Secretary of State
Ian Douglas Smith II
• Established
27 January 2019
• Dissolved
4 January 2021
Preceded by
Succeeded by

The Baustralian Antarctic Territory is a colony of Baustralia which claims a sector of Antarctic territory meant for research. It is governed by the Secretary of State for the Interior, Ian Douglas Smith II.

Described in the Paloma City Agreement, it claims, "measuring from the geographical centre of Antarctica, 1 square nautical mile, that is 3.43 square kilometres, of the radius of only the land unclaimed macronationally". It was dissolved by an Act of Parliament on 4 January 2021.


The Flag of the Baustralian Antarctic Territory was a Baustralian red ensign defaced with the silhouette of Antarctica. The coat of arms consisted of a white shield with three blue waves, overall in a red chevron, the same silhouette. Above the shield was a royal crown, while two lions crowned royally support the shield. The compartment was half land and half ice. It was blazoned as follows:

Per fess wavy barry, wavy of six Argent and Azure, and Argent on a Pile Gules, a silhouette of Antarctica Argent.; for a crest, a royal crown; for supporters, two lions Or crowned royally; and for a compartment, divided per pale and representing in Dexter a grassy Mount and in Sinister an ice floe.