Balto-Litvanian language

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Litvaneųšū valoda
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Regulated byLitvanian Language Committee
Spoken inLitvania
Total speakers1

Balto-Litvanian, sometimes Baltic-Litvanian or Livonian is one of the many regional languages of Litvania. It is a priori language, and is just slightly similar to Latvian, having a few borrowed words from it. It is a language spoken mostly in the Rynne Canton, specifically on the shores of the Myrdal River. Its speakers are highly respected people, and there is no ethnic discrimination between the two people groups. The language is considered nearly extinct, as it is slowly being replaced by the Litvanian Language.

Sample Text

Here is a sample text from a common saying in Balto-Litvanian:

Čė Vęlne kolerbdė, kan ništ tū tė!


What the warleader can do, you scum can't!


The alphabet of Balto-Litvanian is similar to the Lithuanian alphabet.