Avenue des Hérétiques

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The Avenue des Hérétiques (French for Avenue of the Heretics) is a major street (avenue) in Kolchaksaray, the capital of Pavlov. The avenue starts from Place du Pape Alexandre VI (Pope Alexander VI Square), on which the Imperial Palace is situated, and goes through the arrondisemants Torquemada, Genghis Khan, L'apôtre Muhammad and Ivan Grozny, where it widens and becomes the Kolchaksaray-Snežanopol Highway.


The avenue's name is thought to originate from pre-Renaissance epoch in which it would be used to convoy the convicted of heresy to the harbor of Snežanopol, where they would spend their terms on the galleys of the Imperial Navy. First known mention of the name took place in the 1340, in a letter of £ukasz the Calligrapher.

Notable buildings

  • 9/11: Office of the Pavlovian Imperial Airlines
  • 13: Headquarters of the Pavlovian Inquisition
  • 14/88: Ministry of Propaganda and National Enlightenment
  • 18/88: Imperial Oprichnina
  • 666: Representative office of MicroFrancophonie