Autonomous Region of Averheim

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Autonomous Region of Averheim
Ók.png Flag

Long Live Aldof
Royal Winland Anthem
Capital cityAverheim
Largest cityAverheim
Official language(s)Finnish
Official religion(s)Protestant
GovernmentUnitary Constitutional Monarchy
- DukeAldof
LegislatureConstitutional Assembly
Established26 May 2019
Time zoneCoordinated_Universal_Time
National drinkVodka
National animalBear

Headline text

The Duchy of Averheim is a area in Northern Finland, It was made in the 26th May 2019,

The Autonomous Of Averheim is a self-declared Autonomous monarchist state in North, Finland. Averheim has a population of 8. It was established on 26 May 2019.


The government of the Autonomous State of Averheim consists of a Monarchist government and the government is a Unitary Constitutional Monarchy, under Kingdom of Winland . The government consists of one branch, the Constitutional Assembly. The King of Winland is Winston, and the Duke of Averheim is Miika