Armiya Parodska

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Armiya Parodska is an army used for Peoples Imperial Republic of Namwua, Armiya Parodska is usually used for Defence, Garrison, or Reinforcement.

Peoples Army
New Namwua Army Flag.jpeg
Established 23 August 2019
Country Peoples Imperial Republic of Namwua
Commanders-in-chief Krepies II
General Officer Aurick
Estimated Army 130

Conflict Involvement

Armiya Parodska has been involved at Rafflesian - Gloriosan War during the Republic era and before the Rafflesian Civil War.

Military Rank

The Peoples Army has the Military ranks from low to high in order.

Second Private
Corporal Construction Army
Second Corporal Construction Specialist
Head Corporal Second Specialist Medic
Sergeant Head of Construction Second Medic
Second Sergeant Construction Sergeant Head of Healer
Master Sergeant First Construction Sergeant Army Saver
Major Construction Master Armies Hope
Peoples Sergeant Major Peoples Construction Master Peoples Savior of Hope
Armiya Parodska Battle Flag