Armed Forces of Virardius

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Armed Forces of Virardius
Armitaj Fortoj de Virardius (Esperanto)
Founded21 March 2022
Current form21 March 2022
Service branchesVirardian Army
Virardian Air Force
Imperial Virardian Navy
HeadquartersMinistry of Defence, Bosa
Commander-in-ChiefSydney Knight
Prime MinisterLucas de Tropicana
Minister of DefenceVacant
Chief of Defence StaffVacant
Active personnel0
Reserve personnel0
Deployed personnel0
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The Armed Forces of Virardius are the primary military defence forces of the Republic of Virardius, founded on 21 March 2022.



The Armed Forces where established on 21 March 2022. The forces where established by Sydney Knight, the President and founder of the Republic of Virardius.


There are three branches of the Armed Forces:

  • Virardian Army - For Land Defence
  • Virardian Air Force - For Air Defence
  • Imperial Virardian Navy - For Sea Defence

Each of these branches have a specialist role in defending the Republic and helping uphold the nation's values.


Senior Management

The Armed Forces are lead by the Defence Board. This consists of senior Branch Leaders, the Chief of Defence Staff and the President of Virardius in their role as Commander-in-Chief as well as the Minister of Defence.

The Defence Force Board, along side the Ministry of Defence, make senior decisions with regards to the management, equipment and recruitment of the Armed Forces.


Officers are military personnel that have received a commission from the President. They create the bulk of the leadership of the armed forces.

To earn a commission, officers are required to go through longer training to enlisted personnel, that is more leadership orientated.

Enlisted Personnel

Enlisted personnel create the bulk of all serving personnel. They serve in specialist positions that help defend the nation as well as helping ensure the effective running of each member's respective branch.


The Armed Forces recruit from within the Virardian population. To enlist or commission citizenship is required.

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