Armed Forces of Dorzhabad

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The DSIT (Dorzhabadic Strategic Initiative Task-force) is the Main Military asset of the Parliamentary Republic of Dorzhabad

Dorzhabadic Strategic Initiative Task-force
Dorzhabadic Strategic Iniciative Taskforce ensign.jpg
Ensign of the DSIT
Motto: Let man's petty nations, tear themselves apart!
March The Sacred War
Established January 15, 2010
Country Parliamentary Republic of Dorzhabad Flag of The Preisser Treaty 2.png
Designation The Draegir Guard
Branches Ground Taskforces, Naval Operations, Air Operations.
Sub-branches Stormtrooper Detachment,Engineer Detachment,
Previous Engagements None
Commander in Chief Daniel Morris
Director Chad Sellors MP
General information
Headquarters New Praetorian Hall, Bissantria
Active personnel 3


The DSIT was created on the 15th of January 2010, the same day that Dorzhabad came into being as a Nation-state. The Taskforce, (unbeknownst to most of the public) is not a Standing State Army. Rather, it is a Special Operations branch, entirely independent from any conscription or official Dorzhabadic government affiliation.

The DSIT has only ever been involved in one operation, this operation was an event where a section of British controlled territory was seized and annexed into Dorzhabad.