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Lieutenant Aristotle Graf of the Aristanian Standewehr has a long history within the nation of Aristan, being one of its founding fathers Graf helped shape the Aristanian Standewehr (Army) into what it is today as a formidable defense force.

Standewehr Lieutenant Aristotle Graf on maneuver 2020

Graf and the Standewehr

On may 2nd 2018 Graf created the first version of the Aristanian Standewehr to help create a independent state within the former Republic of Connecticut. At first his Army would be refereed to by historians as the Aristanian Red Army, being that the first iterations of Aristan were much more Communist. It wasn't till November 30th with the creation of the Republic of Aristan would the modern Standewehr be created. Aristotle Graf was instrumental in the creation of the Standewehr and keeping the Republic of Aristan independent. Aristotle Graf had long been a admirer of the German Reichswehr and due to the Reichswehr's demilitarized and tiny Army it was the perfect basis for the small nation of Aristan's armed forces. Lieutenant Graf is currently the highest ranking military official within Aristan.

Graf's Political career in Aristan

After the Independence of Aristan was declared on November 30th, 2018 and officially stated publicly on December 3rd, 2018. The nation saw rapid development of government and military assets. The Republic of Aristan uses a ministry system to sub divide government operations to individuals or groups. On December 2nd Graf was elected into the position of Minister of Defense, a title he still holds to this day.

The Ministry of Defense

Lieutenant Aristotle Graf was chosen in the early days of the Republic of Aristan to run the ministry of Defense due to his meticulous nature and interest in military history. Graf's additions to the ministry of Defense have been numerous but notably he added a maneuver system for the Standewehr, allowing the Standewehr to train and learn military order on a regular basis. Lieutenant Graf has planned multiple maneuvers that unfortunately due to the virus of 2020 have been postponed till further notice.

Lieutenant Aristotle Graf's Awards

Lieutenant Aristotle Graf has three honors of the Republic of Aristan's Standewehr, the 2018-2019 service ribbon and the Loyalty cross 2nd class and a sports badge. From the days of the Workers Republic of Aristan Aristotle Graf has a re-purposed Order of the Red Star. Reissued by the Red Army of Aristan of the former Workers Republic of Aristan.

Awards 2020.png