Archduchy of Verdura

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Archduchy of Verdura
Archduchy of Verdura.png
Verdura Arms.png

Capital cityWhitestone
Official language(s)English, Italian
- ArchduchessArchduchess Priscilla
Established19 August 2020

The Archduchy of Verdura was founded on 19 August 2020, in conjunction with Empress Arlene relocating to Indiana. She is working closely with her niece, Priscilla, to further develop the fledgling nation. Verduran culture is based on Mediterranean Italy, namely the Kingdom of Sicily.


Empress Arlene of Agber relocated to Indiana to earn her medical degree in 2020. This move put her living in the same town as family, which led to her niece, Priscilla, becoming more interested in the Empire. Eventually, a plan to create a new nation was created, leading to the declaration of the Archduchy of Verdura on 19 August of that year.

Verdura made history in the Empire by becoming the first nation to have its own social media account in November of 2020.


Verdura is ruled by either an Archduchess or Archduke. Verdura is unique in that there are no plans for it to have provinces. Instead, Archduchess Priscilla will appoint citizens to administrative roles based on merit, as needed. Empress Arlene currently serves as the heir to the Verduran Marble Throne

Orders of Chivalry of the Archduchy of Verdura

See also: Awards and decorations of the Empire of Agber

While the Empire of Agber as a whole has roughly twenty separate orders of chivalry, there are only four officially considered of concern to Verdura. The two orders of the Empire, the Order of the Empire of Agber and the Order of Arlene I, both supersede the two orders of the Archduchy. The current Font of Honor for these Verduran orders is Archduchess Priscilla.

Order Name Established Classes/Ranks Awarded For Notes
Obsidian Order 22 August 2020 Master
Service to the Archduchy
Blessed Order of St. George September 2020 Grand Cross
Service to the Archduchy