Archduchy of Verdiensol

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Archduchy of Verdiensol
Flag of Verdiensol.pngGreater Coat of Arms of Verdiensol.png

Per orbem (Latin: Across the world.)
Wisconsin, United States (exclaves globally)
Capital city Perrucha
Largest city Calderón
Official language(s) English; Spanish (regional)
Short name Verdiensol
Demonym Verdiensolite (noun); Verdiensolli (adj)
Government Feudal absolute monarchy
- Archduke Michel Argile
- Minister of the Crown Suriyothai Luukmaew
- Speaker of the Diet Samuel Drake
Legislature Royal Diet
Area claimed 2,430.46 km2 (938.41 mi2); 0.001852 mi2 (actual)
Population 12
Currency American dollar
National sport Civilization 5
National animal cat

Verdiensol, officially the Archduchy of Verdiensol, is a micronation founded on April 10, 2015, located mostly in north-central Wisconsin in the United States. It is ruled by Archduke Michel Argile.

Verdiensol is an enclave of the state of Wisconsin, claiming the entirety of Langlade County. Various feudal lords have pledged fealty to the Archduke, expanding Verdiensol's territory to include exclaves in Michigan and Spain, which claim the entireties of the cities and municipalities surrounding them. Its capital and largest city is Perrucha, while its largest city is Calderón.


Verdiensol derives from three French words: vert (green), bien (good), and sol (soil). This name comes from the vast, green fields and very fertile soil of the Grand Duchy of Langlade.


Verdiensol is an absolute monarchy with a feudal system. A hereditary archduke wields absolute executive power, and administrative divisions are ruled by nobles who swear fealty to the archduke. The main legislative body is the Royal Diet, which is a unicameral body comprised of various nobles of the rank Duke or higher.