Archduchy of Greater Gwent

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Archduchy of Greater Gwent

Freedom Under One
South Wales Valleys (Primarily)
Capital cityAbertillery
Official language(s)English
Short nameGreater Gwent
GovernmentAbsoloute Monarchy with Elected Council
- ArchdukeBilly I
- Lord ChancellorViscountess Rasa
LegislatureCouncil of the Archduke
Established- March 20, 2018
CurrencyPound Sterling (GBP)
Time zoneGMT
National sportRugby

The Archuchy of Greater Gwent, is a micronation with territory in around the welsh valleys. The Nation itself is an Enclave of the United Kingdom and has many exclaves in other contries.

The nation Is Ruled over by Archuduke Billy I, the Nations founder. The Archduchy is an Absoloute Monarchy with the Archduke holding all law making power, however there is an elected assembly that has been given the power to make laws on behalf of the Archduke.

Government and Politics

Greater Gwent is ruled by the Archduke, who holds all authority within the realm, However the Archduke is Advised by the Council of the Archduke of Greater Gwent. Officially the council is appointed by the archduke personally, however since the founding of the nation the council has been elected by the citizens of the Archduchy.

Elections are Held Annually are conducted under PR, all citizens over the age of 14 are entilted to vote however only over the age of 16 can stand in elections. The Lord Chancellor is leader of the government and is chosen by the Archduke, the Lord Chancellor is usually the Leader of the largest party, or coalition of parties within the Council however the Archduke is free to chose any member of the council to hold the role.


The Armed Forces of the Archduchy of Greater Gwent are lead by the Lord Grand Marshal and are responsible for the defense of the Archduchy. The Lord Grand Marshal is Appointed by the Archduke, the title is currently held by Baron Steed of Newport. All citizens of the duchy can be conscripted in the defense of the nation.