Archduchy of Forksted

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Archduchy of Forksted
Archduchy af Forksted

[[Lundian Greenland|]] [[File:Flag of lundian.jpg|30px|link=Lundian Greenland|alt=]]
December 10, 2012 — Present

Flag of Forkstead.png
Flag of Forksted

Long live the great Archduchess of all
Forksted, .
Capital cityNone. Administrated in London
Largest cityUnknown
Official language(s)English, Forkstedian
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameForksted
GovernmentMonarchal Autocracy
- ArchduchessMarta
- Type - Unicameral
EstablishedDecember 10, 2012
Area claimedUnknown.1,022,226 km² Estimate
PopulationUnknown. 100 estimate
CurrencyDanish Krone
Time zoneUnknown
National sportNot going outside, and chess
National drinkVodka


The Archduchy of Forksted or The Archduchy of the Forksted is a monarchy created, protected, and on some ocasions represented by the Kingdom of Lundy Due to a lack of population and time, the nation is forbidden from becoming a democracy.


The 'Fork' in Forksted derives from the Danish for Cold, which is 'forkølelse' and the 'Sted' come from the Danish word for place which is 'sted'.Which is why it is often called 'the Forksted'.



The kingdom of Lundys puppet state, the Lundian Colonial Empire colonized Greenland, in order 'to established trade into Danish lands'. Interest in the colony began to deteriorate along with the Lundian Colonial Empire. Marta Silva,along with Levi Newman hypothesize the Archduchy as an alternative to the time-costly colony.


Forksted unwilling took part in a war against Lewsia, just after its Independence. This damaged the young nations relation with its overlord, the kingdom of Lundy. This happened again. after MWW1 Lundy had offered to cede large areas of Forksted to the Communist powers. This action even took hold of the archduchess, who almost declared war. But the territory was never ceded due to disputes with the Communist powers.


The Forksted is located in between the arctic colonies of Denmark.And also due to the 1st Rijks Reform it annexed Ny Greenland, and old territory of Xonbia.