Apeiron Kingdom

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Apeiron, also known as Apeiron Kingdom (Apeiron Krallığı in Turkish), is an unrecognized, autonomously governed territory located on Minor Asia (aka Anatolia, Modern day Turkey). It exists since 18 June 2020. Apeiron claims to be successor of the idea left with Alexander the Great. All citizens are citizen of Apeiron without any discrimination. Its government was established in 2018, on Ankara. Total area of ​​the kingdom's borders is 100 m^2 (0.0001 km^2) Kingdom's regime is Constitutional Monarchy. The capital city is called Redfox's Landing, taking its name from the ruler dynasty Redfox. The current ruler of the Kingdom and the head of the country is High King Udalrich Redfox. The Kingdom flag was created by King Udalrich by drawing the famous flower of life on a blue background. The flag symbolizes the infinity of the universe and every information stored in it.

Currently The High Table(Yüksek Şuura in Turkish), council that helps to the High King to govern the nation, is closed due to its lack of members.

On its first day, the nation reached 12 population. High King Udalrich gave an honor medal to citizen Mr. Anonymous(The person did not want his name to be revealed for now) because of its contributions to the nation on the first day and mostly for his loyalty. Also on the same day, Apeiron established a national radio in order to broadcast mostly press briefings, national news and vital decisions The High Table take. You can listen the radio when it is alive on: voiceofapeiron.caster.fm

Flag of Apeiron