Antican Commonwealth

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Antican Commonwealth
Flag of Antican Commonwealth
CapitalNafticon City
Official languagesEnglish
• Foundation
17th June 2003

Antica is a micronation that was founded on June 17, 2003, by Delphi Augustus and Octavius Me. It was originally governed as the Dinarchy of Antica, and the two served as its two Dinarchs, sharing near absolute power, for most of the Dinarchy's existence. On August 31, 2005, a group of Anticans, including Octavius Me, left to found the Republic of Antica. The Dinarchy quickly lost most of its population to the Republic and the remnant ceded itself to Shireroth on December 1, 2005. The Republic continued to operate until September 2007, when its legislature, the Assembly, repealed its own constitution. On January 1, 2008, a third Antican government, the Commonwealth, was founded, and is Antica's current government.



For the first few months of its existence, many nations kept their distance from the young, rogue nation, who was mocked for having declared a war on the Theocracy of Mediterranea, which was expected by Antica to be fought in the "arena" of a computer game. Just over a month later, the nation had a spy caught in the Theocracy and the Soviet Republic of Arkania, and was ridiculed further. While expected to bow their heads in shame, Delphi Augustus, one of the Dinarchs, issued a statement that proudly admitted its espeionage activities. Eventually, however, normalized relations were attained with the rest of the sector.

At its first anniversary, 17 June 2004, it was declared an Empire when it acquired the former Dominion of Korhal. Korhal's former leader, Jordan, however, decided that Antica was being oppressive and attempted to rebel without success. Soon later, Edagrd Portela, Emperor of Madland sought help from the Antican Empire to shelter and help his nation grow. After a short period under Antican rule, however, Gus Portela was accused of being a paple of Edgard, who was removed from power and put on trial. This event convinced Edgard Portela that it was time for Madland to leave Antica. A lengthy negotiation period followed, and Madland was allowed to leave Antica legally. Korhal, following Jordan's replacement with Oric, sunk to an almost nonexistent level of inactivity and was eventually dissolved entirely, leaving the Empire of Antica to devolve back to the Dinarchy of Antica.

In late 2004 to early 2005, Antica's population began to balloon thanks to the recruitment efforts of Olorix and Foghorn. Foghorn founded Zulu 5 Oscar Inc., Antica's first mtultinational corporation, which spawned a newspaper (The Micronational Wulaptonachgat), a podcast (KZFO), even a mercenary army for a short period of time. In all, the population nearly quadrupled during those several months, and a great deal of stress was put on the relatively rigid political structure of the Dinarchy. A new constitution was passed, giving the Senate more powers. Political parties developed: the Antican Progressive Development Party, founded by Olorix, and the Nihillalatschik Wulatenamen Party (NWP), founded by Foghorn, though, like later attempts to introduce political parties, they had little to no actual political power.

These reforms only temporarily relieved the stress, and as 2005 wore on, demands for greater democratic reform continued, spiking at times, which eventually culminated in a revolution led by Dinarch Octavius Me, Foghorn, Olorix, and Steven, in favor of a republic. Initially, this call for republic fizzled out, and a compromise with Dinarch Delphi Augustus produced a compromise where elected Dinarchs would be tested for a trial period. In response to the failure of the revolution, Octavius Me resigned on 23 August 2005, quickly followed by Foghorn and Steven on 24 August. On 31 August 2005, they declared the founding of the Republic of Antica. Oric and Entropious, the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor respectively, followed soon after. Gemini DC was made a replacement Dinarch until he too resigned on 11 September.

After months of increasing loss of citizens and activity, the remnants of the Dinarchy willingly ceded itself to the Imperial Republic of Shireroth on 1 December 2005 through the Treaty of Aquilaria, where it remained in existence as the Duchy of Antica until 11 May 2006, when it was dissolved by Imperial Decree No.232 due to a complete lack of activity.


The Republican government intentionally decentralized its power, creating a relatively weak leadership position in the Speaker of the Assembly, a deficiency that would fail to be rectified as time progressed. Because the Dinarchy was hostile to the Republic, and Shireroth had later annexed it, Republican Anticans typically looked at Shireroth through a lens of suspicion.

During Steven's first time as Speaker, this led to the nefarious Declaration of Nafticon, which attempted to unite a number of nations against Shireroth as leverage during their treaty negotiations for more MCS territory from the former Dinarchy.

During the time Olorix was Speaker, when activity in the Republic peaked, the Non-Aligned Movement was started with Natopia and Riponia as an attempt to offset Shirerithian and Grand Commonwealth power in the sector.

Following Olorix's second term as Speaker of the Assembly, activity in the Republic steadily declined through the end of 2006 and into 2007. Chrimigules and Braden Indianensis both tried to reenergize the Republic during their terms, but by September 2007, it was decided that there was no longer enough activity to maintain the existing government. The Articles of the Republic, its constitutional document, was repealed, and Antica went into dormancy.


On January 1, 2008, following the activation of a new bulletin board, Braden Indianensis and Chrimigules sent a mass email to every Antican they could, calling them back in an attempt to restart Antica. About a dozen, including Delphi Augustus himself (though he did not accept citizenship), showed up and discussed the creation of a new Antican government. The Commonwealth Constitution was eventually passed by the end of the month.

Activity quickly disintegrated under Speaker of the Assembly Schneider, but regained balance during the Co-Speakership of Aryeztur and Oric. Since then, Antica has made attempts to reach out to the sector that it had been isolated from for practically a year.

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