Anthem of the Krzakacja

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Wiwat Krzakacja
Hail Krzakacja

National anthem of  Krzakacja
LyricsŁukasz I, 2021
MusicValentin Haussmann, 16th or 17th century
Adopted6 August 2021 again in 2 August 2022
Audio sample
Anthem of the Krzakacja

Anthem of the Kingdom of Krzakacja is Wiwat Krzakacja, which was composed by a Renaissance composer in an unknown year.

The music of the anthem is played out in the Czech Republic during the ceremonial entry of the armed forces.



Kingdom of Lukland (predecessor of Krzakacja) had a total of seven anthems. The first was "Hey Slavs" and the second was the instrumental version of the Polish military song "We Are the First Brigade". The third was "Lukland to jest mój kraj" with the musicians of "God save the queen". The fourth was "God save the Tsar" and about the fifth nobody remembers what it was. The sixth was the instrumental version "Dixie Land and the seventh was "Royal song". .


The anthem "Wiwat Krzakacja" was replaced by a military march. King plans to restore the old anthem in 2022


Anthem Text (unofficial)
Polish Text English Text
Wśród drzew zielonych,

Wśród złotych kłosów zbóż
Tu jest moje serce
Tu jest Moja Ojczyzna!

Wiwat Krzakacja!
Moja Ojczyzna!
Tu jest nasz naród, na wieki

Wiwat Król Łukasz
Wielki Władca
Tu jest Królewska ziemia, w ojczyźnie

Biało - niebieskie
Serce Narodu
Tu jest moja ojczyzna, Krzakacja!

Tu jest moje miejsce
Tu jest moja ojczyzna
niechaj żyje Naród
Wiwat Krzakacja!

Among the green trees,
Among the golden ears of cereals
Here is my heart
Here is My Motherland!

Hail to Krzakacja!
My homeland!
Our nation is here forever

Hail King Łukasz
Great Lord
Here is Royal Land, in the homeland

White and blue
The heart of the nation
Here is my homeland, Krzakacja!

Here is my place
Here is my homeland
long live the nation
Hail to the Krzakacja!