Anglodeutsch Community

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Anglodeutsch Community
Ewiger Revolutionär Gemeinschaft von Anglo Deutschen Volks (German)
Flag of Anglodeutsch Community
Motto: "Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen" (German)
"From Each according to their Ability, to Each according to their need"
Anthem: Anthem
Location of Anglodeutsch Community
CapitalThalmann Free City
Largest cityFreistadt Free City
Other languagesEnglish
LegislatureMunicipal Council
Establishment11 February 2016
• Total
5 km2 (1.9 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

The "Ewiger Revolutionär Gemeinschaft von Anglodeutschen Volks"/Perpetual Revolutionary Community of Anglodeutsch People (The Anglodeutsch Community, Anglodeutschland, PRCA) is an Ouroborist Community occupying areas along the River Thames. The PRCA opperates under the Anglodeutsch Idea, the theory that there must be a free, Independent and Socialist Anglo-German State in the British Isles (DISCLAIMER: The PRCA is a political simulation and does not advocate for the creation of an Anglo-German state in Britain and is not revolutionary or militant Against the UK Government).

The PRCA was established on the 11 February 2016 after the writing of The Anglodeutsch Idea, the loose constitution of the Community which outlines the objectives of the PRCA and how an Ouroborist Society should be run. The PRCA sees itself as the successor to the Free Socialist Republic of Germany and as the first revolutionary state that has not "Fallen to Authoritarianism" like the Soviet Union and the German Democratic Republic.


Flag of the NDDR

Formation of the PRCA

Symbol of Ouroboros Socialism

The PRCA began as the Neue Deutsche Demokratische Republik (NDDR), a Socialist revolutionary group that sought to establish a German Communist Republic in Britain, following the traditional teachings of Marxism-Leninism. The group was reformed in very early 2016 when the leader, Konrad Schwarz, wrote "The Anglodeutsch Idea" which defined the ideology of Schwarz and the NDDR, now going by the name of the NeuSpartakusBund (New Spartacus League/NSB), which adopted policies of Collective Leadership and Libertarian Socialism. The NSB then mobilized and took control of the Hamlands region, setting up the current Anglodeutsch Community and reforming the NSB into the Party of Ouroboros Socialism, one of the main parties in the Municipal Council. Schwarz, although giving up his role of leader, has taken the role of Honorary Leader, meaning he goes to diplomatic events etc. but has just the same power and abides by the same rules that every other citizen has to in the PRCA.

in December 2015 Konrad Schwarz began work on what would become "The Anglodeutsch Idea", a set of rules by which a Revolutionary Community should run itself. One of the main tenets of The Idea was a theory known as "Ouroboros Socialism" or "Ouroborism". Ouroborism is a socialist Ideology that advocates that "a revolution must not seek to create a new government, but to exist perpetually in a constant state of radical change and liberation of the People" (Excerpt from "The Anglodeutsch Idea" by Konrad Schwarz). The theory is heavily influenced by Trotsky's theory of Permanent Revolution, but more specifically by Abdullah Öcalan's system of Democratic confederalism, as Ouroborism is an "undefined and flexible ideology that has limited rules to allow for maximum freedom" (Another excerpt from "The Anglodeutsch Idea"). Schwarz's Ideology has a few offshoots and variations, as to be expected from such a flexible ideology. These variations are:

1)Schwarzian Ouroborism/Classical Ouroborism (The theory laid out in "The Anglodeutsch Idea")

2)Democratic Ouroborism (A variation in which the Directly Democratic system is replaced by a Proportionally Democratic system)

3)International Ouroborism (A variation that tries to adapt Anglodeutsch methods to apply to the rest of the world)

Konrad Schwarz recognises each variation as legitimate as none clash with the original goal written out in "The Anglodeutsch Idea".

The Infinite Revolution

The Infinite Revolution started on the 11th February 2016 after Konrad Schwarz declared a full mobilization against British Occupation and is currently a struggle between the Revolutionary Brigades of the PRCA and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In Schwarz's "Declaration of Liberation", he states that "If this Revolution is to end, then so shall the Anglodeutsch Idea itself", stressing the importance of the Infinite Revolution and why it must follow Ouroborist guidelines. The Revolutionary Brigades are made up of 2 Units, the Liberation Front which consists of Revolutionary fighters and the Central Committee which is made up of members of the Municipal Council and the Party of Ouroboros Socialism.


The PRCA is run as an Ouroborist Municipal Confederation, meaning it is run as a loose confederation of revolutionary communities. The PRCA's Legislative Body is the Municipal Council which is headed by the Honorary Leader Konrad Schwarz and consists of every citizen who vote on every law and issue raised in the Council. The Honorary Leader has no veto power but does have the role of counting the votes and announcing which issues are to be voted on. Attending Council Meetings is optional and voting is secret and non mandatory.

The Party of Ouroboros Socialism

The Party of Ouroboros Socialism is the official successor to the NeuSpartakusBund and the NDDR. Although not a Parliamentary Party (as the Municipal Council does not operate like a Parliament), the Party operates as the de-facto "Revolutionary Vanguard" of the Anglodeutsch Revolution, although not in the traditional Marxist-Leninist sense as it does not wield any sort of governmental power and acts mostly as a safeguard against Authoritarian influence. The Party has a Collective Leadership model in keeping with the other Anglodeutsch institutions that is made up of members of the former NSB and NDDR, but is open to anyone who in the PRCA who wishes to become a member. The Party founded the Revolutionary Brigades in February 2016 as the liberating force against the British Occupation.

The Anglodeutsch Revolution Theory

"The Anglodeutsch Revolution" is the process of forming the perfect Anglodeutsch Community as envisioned by The Party. They are as follows:

1)Infinite Revolution - The introduction of an Ouroborist Revolution.

2)Debourgeoisfication - Destruction of Bourgeois elements.

3)Syndicalistion - The implementation of a Syndicalist economy.

4)Women's Liberation - The Liberation of Women through Socialism.

5)Constitutional Revolution - Constant rewriting of the rules and guidelines.

These tenets are designed to keep the people as free as possible and to not allow the Community to fall to authoritarianism.


During the process of Debourgeoisfication the Municipal Council implemented a Cultural Revolution policy which was the catalyst for the creation of a distinct, unique and proud Anglodeutsch culture.

Food in the PRCA

In the PRCA, food plays a pivotal role in most people's lives and is heavily influenced by the Community's Socialist values, often using very simple and minimal ingredients to create wonderful dishes, the most popular of which being the Anglodeutsch Carbonara, a pasta dish served with Basil Pesto, Egg, Tomato Ketchup and occasionally Bacon. The meal is the official dish of the PRCA and is made on special occasions such as Liberation Day and Flag Day. Other meals include Flag Salad, Macaroni Curry and the Cinnamon Burger.


The Municipalities of the PRCA are the official Administrative Divisions of the Community. There are 2 current Municipalities, each with their own Municipal Councils. They are both Free Cities of the PRCA and function as independent Communities.

Map of the two Municipalities Region
Map of the Anglodeutsch Region
Flag Emblem Name PRCA Controlled Municipal Legislature Notes
Free City of Freistadt
Municipal Council
The Largest Municipality in the PRCA
Free City of Thalmann
Municipal Council
The Official Capital of the PRCA