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Largest citySayville Autonomous Zone
GovernmentAnarcho Capitalist Society
EstablishedMay 26 2021
CurrencyAncapistan Administered Token (AAT)

Ancapistan is a micronation based off of the ideology of Anarcho-Capitalism.


On May 26th Ancapistan was founded. And shortly after the Sayville Autonomous Zone was founded to protest Ausveria having a dictatorship type government and being highly centralized. And the Yellow Flag Army was founded to defend it.


Ancapistan has 2 land claims, the Sayville Autonomous Zone and the Bellmore Autonomous Zone. Which is disputed land with Ausveria. And Ausveria currently controls the land via military force. However it is possible the land will come fully into Ancapistani hands. But it is not known when that could happen.

Flag Autonomous Zone Established
Ancapistan.png Sayville Autonomous Zone May 26th, 2021
Ancapistan.png Bellmore Autonomous Zone May 27th, 2021


Ancapistan plans to have a currency known as the “Ancapistan Administered Token” or AAT for short. To control counterfeits they are said to be given individual ids based on a mathematical formula that cannot be easily determined.