Alliance of Promesa and Lomellina

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The Alliance of Republic of Promesa and the Principality of Lomellina is an Mutual Recognition Pact and Alliance Between the Republic of Promesa and the Principality of Lomellina created on August 15, 2014.


The creation of the Alliance was when the Head of Prince D.Guilherme Contacted Promesa's President Ariel Yaari on regards of mutual recognition. Promesa's Nation still new Ariel almost immediately accepted the offer and e-mailed the Prince. They conversed over the subject for about 2 days and came to an agreement. Mutual Recognition and an Alliance would be formed between the Republic of Promesa and the Principality of Lomellina. The Leaders are working the Alliance out and more information will be available soon.

Country comparison

FL.png Republic of Promesa Bandeira.png Principality of Lomellina
Population 13 17
Area To be determined ~2683.741 km² (1036.2 mi²)
Capital Autostrada City Castello di Valle
Largest city Niesamowite Scandia Colles
Government Unitary semi-presidential republic Absolute Monarchy, Principality
First Leader Ariel Yaari Ansaldo I da Lomellini
Current Leader Ariel Yaari D. Guilherme da Lomellina e Berenguer
Official languages English, Spanish, Polish, Yiddish, Hebrew Italian (de jure) Portugese (de facto)
Official religions Judaism, Christianity, Monotheism, Wicca Paganism Deism