Alfa (Sector)

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Сектор Алфа(czr)
Sektor Alfa (ger)
Regional capital Capital City

Founded 9.7.2014/small>

Area ~ 20 m2
-claimed ~ 20000 m2

-Austrian ~ 11,000 (2014 Estimate)
-Zairskaj 3 (2014)

Currency 2,500 Pieces of Eight (AS) = 1 Doubloon (Ɖ) = 2,5 Euro (€) = 250 Cent(01.07.2014)

NRegional colors Green, Blue, White

Time zone CET/GMT+1

Drives on the right

Date formats Gregorian calendar

Formats Metric system

Internet TLD .com

The Sector Alfa (czr. Сектор Алфа, ger. Sektor Alfa) is a region in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Zairskaya. The de-facto capital of the DMRZ is located here.


The Flag of the Sector is a green stripe, on the upside, and a white stripe on the downside. 3 stars are shown in the canton of the flag, 1 bigger than the others. The bigger one of them represents the capital city and the other two of them represent the 2 mountain massives, which are located near the prefecture (Tennengebirge and the Hagengebirge).