Alex Mitchell

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Alex Mitchell
3rd Prime Minister of the Susquehannock Confederation
Assumed office
2 March 2017
Governor-General Katherine Michaels
Deputy Elizara Shaffer
Predecessor Rachel Edgecombe
Minister for Foreign Affairs
In office
2 October 2015 - 2 March 2017
Prime Minister Rachel Edgecombe
Predecessor Samuel Ewing
Successor Rachel Edgecombe
Leader of the Progressive Labor Party
Assumed office
12 May 2016
Deputy Elizara Shaffer
Predecessor Party Created
Leader of the Opposition
In office
2 October 2015 - 2 October 2016
Prime Minister Rachel Edgecomb
Predecessor none
Successor Rachel Edgecombe
1st Prime Minister of the Susquehannock Confederation
In office
3 June 2015 - 2 October 2015
Governor-General Ariana Gillespie
Predecessor Position Established
Successor Rachel Edgecombe
Personal information
Personal information
Born 25 April 2003 (2003-04-25) (age 21)
Birth name Alexander Mitchell
Citizenship Susquehannock
Political party Progressive Labor Party (since 2016)
Other political
Independence (2015-2016)
Cabinet 1st Ministry
3rd Ministry
Religion Lutheranism

Alexander “Alex” Mitchell, born 25 April 2003, is a Susquehannock writer and politician who has served as the 1st and 3rd Prime Minister of the Susquehannock Confederation.

Micronational career

Alex Mitchell founded Susquehanna along with Samuel Ewing, Fiona Collins, and Marissa Yule on 3 June 2015. He was unanimously elected Prime Minister on the Independence ticket. He later lost the 2015 election after the newly-created CCA defeated the Independece Party. On 12 May 2016, the Independece Party was renamed the Progressive Labor Party (PLP). The PLP recieved four MPs in the 2016 election, for which the MP count was raised to nine. However, due to Haden Rush of the Nationalist Party recieving a seat, no party recieved a majority. The CCA entered a coalition with the Nationalists. In February 2017, Mitchell convinced CCA Member of Parliament Samuel Ewing to vote in favor of a snap election, causing said election to occur. The result was a massive overhaul of CCA and Nationalist MPs. Haden Rush, Samuel Ewing, and Marissa Yule all lost their seats—Rush to a CCA member—leaving the balance at 6 PLP MPs and 3 CCA MPs. Mitchell then became Prime Minister once again. As Prime Minister, Mitchell has appointed Ariana Gillespie to the position of Governor-General.