Susquehannock Confederation

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Susquehannock Confederation
Susquehanna Flag.pngNocoa.png

Nos ad resistere fortis interpretatur turbidus: (Latin: We stand strong at the muddy river)
National anthem of Example
Liverpool, Mount Chester
Capital cityZion View
Largest cityLiverpool
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular State
Short nameSusquehanna
GovernmentGovernment of Susquehanna
- Governor-GeneralAriana Gillespie
- Prime MinisterAlexander Mitchell
Area claimed130 km²
Population34 citizens (as of 2017 census)
CurrencySusquehannock Libra
Time zone(UTC-5)
National sportNone
National animalBlack Bear
Patron saintSt. Catherine of Alexandria
This nation is a member of the Example Organisation

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The Susquehannock Confederation is a micronation founded on June 3, 2015. It was originally a small nation of only seven people, with just four seats in parliament, but it soon grew. It is completely surrounded by the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. Its surface area amounts to roughly 130 square kilometers (50 sq mi). It has a population density of about 177 people per square kilometer; the population being estimated at just over 23,000, of which only 34 are Susquehannock citizens.


The Confederation is named for the Susquehanna river. "Susquehanna" comes from the Lenape—also known as Delaware Indian—term Sisa'we'hak'hanna, which means "Oyster River." Oyster beds were widespread in the bay near the mouth of the river.


The Susquehannock Confederation was founded on 3 June 2015 by friends Alex Mitchell, Samuel Ewing, Fiona Collins, and Marissa Yule. It was originally intended to serve as a conservative, Christian nation. They formed the 1st Susquehannock Parliament, and Mitchell was unanimously elected Prime Minister on the Independence ticket. Later that year, Rachel Edgecombe became a citizen. She, Ewing, Collins, and Yule decided that Mitchell had become too liberal to morally lead a Christian nation (primarily because he supported the United States in legalizing same-sex marriage, and attempted to implement such a law in Susquehanna). A brief civil war ensued in which Ewing and Collins attempted to secede. The war lasted only nineteen hours, beginning at 3:03 p.m. EST on 2 September 2015, and ending at 10:22 a.m. EST the following day. In order to smooth over tensions, Mitchell called an election for 1 October 2015, knowing he would lose, as all other Susquehannocks had fled to the newly-created CCA, led by Rachel Edgecombe. Edgecombe became the Prime Minister on 2 October 2015. She governed for a year until the 2016 election, when she needed to set up a right-wing coalition with Haden Rush of the Nationalist Party. In March 2017, a snap election gave Mitchell power again.

Government and politics

The logos of the PLP, CCA, and Natonalists.

The government operates under a Westminster-style parliament. The Governor General is appointed by the Prime Minister, as there is no monarch in Susquehanna. Elections are held every year, though a snap election can be called earlier than that. Past elections took place on June 3, 2015, October 1, 2015, October 1, 2016, and March 1, 2017. There are three major parties in Susquehanna—the Conservative Christian Alliance, or CCA, the Nationalists, and the Progressive Labor Party, or PLP. The CCA are an economically centrist, socially conservative Christian democrat party. They hold four seats in parliament and their leader is the Opposition Leader, Rachel Edgecombe who was the Prime Minister from 2015 to 2017.The Nationalists are a right-wing nationalist party. The Nationalist Party do not hold seats in parliament, as their only MP, Haden Rush, was defeated in the 2017 snap election. The PLP are a socially progressive and economically left-wing party who currently control the government as of the 2017 snap election. The current Prime Minister, Alexander “Alex” Mitchell, has been Prime Minister since March 4, 2017. He also previously served as Prime Minister from June 3 to October 1, 2015.

The current MPs, by party, seat, and state are:

  • Alex Mitchell (PLP) Conewago North, Conewago
  • MacKenzie Royal (PLP) Zion View, Conewago
  • Morgan Rider (PLP) St. Pauls, Cape Francis
  • Katie Michaels (PLP) Lake Frederic, Cape Francis
  • Fiona Collins (CCA) Liverpool South, Mount Chester
  • Elizara Shaffer (PLP) Liverpool North, Mount Chester
  • Mercy Olavsen (PLP) Wolf Creek, Mount Chester
  • Rachel Edgecombe (CCA) Torrey and Riviera, New Holland
  • Brandon Kowalski (CCA) Sherman and Rudy, New Holland



Geography and climate

Liverpool, Mount Chester, the largest city in Susquehanna.

Susquehanna has four states: Mount Chester, Conewago, Cape Francis, and New Holland. Like most of the Pennsylvania region, Susquehanna has a humid continental climate, it is characterized by warm to hot, humid summers and moderately cold winters. The mean annual precipitation total of 41.1 in (1,040 mm) is fairly evenly spread throughout the year, and falls on an average of 126.6 days per annum. Record temperatures range from 107 °F (42 °C), set on July 2, 1901, down to −21 °F (−29 °C), recorded on January 28, 1925 and January 21, 1994, with a considerably shorter period of record, the range is 100 °F (38 °C), set on July 22, 2011, down to −12 °F (−24 °C) as recently as March 7, 2015.



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