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Kingdom of Albion (Welsh) Deyrnas Albion (Spanish) Reino de Albion (Dutch) Koninkrijk Albion
'Form of Government' Absolute monarchy
Monarch King Terrance
Governor General Prince Anthony Duke Of Hurford
Prime Minister
House of Lords All Nobility
Location: (Antarctica)
Population: 3
Date of foundation: 15 January 2010
  • Dutch (optional)
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Welsh
Demonym: Albion
Official Currency Gold
National Sport Football
Website: Official Website
Member of: This nation is a member of the The Commonwealth of Marie Byrd Land Flag01.pngThe Commonwealth of Marie Byrd Land.

History and pre-history

The kingdom of Albion was originally founded on 15 January 2010 as 'The kingdom of Dadingisila'. On 4 July 2010, after about 6 months after the date of foundation king Jan I of Dadingisila wanted to reform his nation. After some problems in the past it was time to reform the nation to start with a clean sheet. By doing so not only the name of the country changed, but everything changed! A new flag, a new coat of arms, a new government and even a new name for the king. In that way we've tried to get the distance between the old kingdom and the new one as big as possible.

Let it be clear that Albion continues on the foundation of Dadingisila, with the values and norms that were present. But now we are standing in front of a new age, one that will change the future Dadingisila and its people had in mind.

Why the reformation

To be honest, the former government of Dadingisila wanted too much too soon. If we had continued like that we wouldn't exist anymore. That's why we take a little step back, to plan every single step we take from now on. In that way we can grow in a steady course. That was the main reason for the reformation. Second reason was that we started our micronation too soon. (That leads to reason n° 1). We were well informed but we hadn't got a single clue of what was awaiting us. Now we do. We mirrored ourselves too much to other micronations. Now we know that in this world you have to do your own thing to make it. This 3 reasons lead to our reform.


on 30th May 2018 The Kingdom of Albion became under the Control of The Commonwealth of Marie Byrd Land and its King His Majesty King Terrance Fired the old Government and Then appointed His Royal Highness Prince Anthony Duke Of Hurford The First Governor General of The Kingdom of Albion. On the 31st May 2018 The Kingdom of Albion became a Member a Special Administrative Region of The Commonwealth of Marie Byrd Land under the kingdoms new constitution. all Citizens are now citizens of both The Kingdom of Albion and a Special Administrative Region citizen of The Commonwealth of Marie Byrd Land.



AMU claims.jpg
Claims of Albion

We claimed a group of Islands between West Antarctica and the Azusan Commonwealth. Our closest neighbours are Landashir who have claimed 4 Islands next to ours.

Our group of Islands exists of 5 islands:

1: Vollmer Island

2: Moody Island

3: Kizer Island

4: Przybyszewski Island

5: Cronenwett Island

As you can see our Islands form the shape of a cross (as you can see in our flag). That's something coincidental, but still a great symbol. Every Island forms a shire. Every shire exists out a few small cities. There is no limit to the number of cities in one shire. In that case we secure the expand of our nation. For now we only use Vollmer Island. On this Island there are 6 cities and also the Royal City, called Center Town.


1: Bowerstone (Blue)

2: Brightwood (Pink)

3: Rookridge (Red)

4: Westcliff (Yellow)

5: Oakfield (Green)

6: Snowspire (Orange)

7: Center Town (White)

Every parcel that isn't marked with an 'X' is still available to buy. One parcel is worth 10000 Gold.

As you can see all the parcels are still available. Except for Center Town. Only royals and nobility can live there.

Government and politics

The Kingdom of Albion is an Absolute monarchy: King Terrance is the Head of State and Head of Government and is Represented by a Governor General. The Royal Government of the Kingdom of Albion has One governmental house, an appointed Lower House.

List of Governors General Of The Kingdom Of Albion

  • Grand Admiral Prince Terence Duke Of Begley (KBM, DSC, ROGI, KBKB) 20th May 2018 To 29th May 2018 As Commander-in-chief Defence Forces
  • Vice Admiral Prince Anthony Duke Of Hurford (KBM, DSC, ROGI KBKB) 30th May 2018 - Present

The Great Council of The Commonwealth of Marie Byrd Land

All Nobility are members of The Great Council of The Commonwealth of Marie Byrd Land usually known simply as The Great Council, is a formal body of advisers to the Sovereign of The Commonwealth of Marie Byrd Land, Its membership mainly comprises Members of the House of Lords. The Great Council formally advises to regulate certain public institutions. The Great Council advises the sovereign on the issuing of Royal Charters, which are used to grant special status to incorporated bodies, and city or borough status to local authorities. The Great Council are the High Court of Appeal for the entire The Commonwealth of Marie Byrd Land, and can to hear appeals from the Crown Dependencies , independent Commonwealth states until the 1st March 2012 The The Great Council of The Commonwealth of Marie Byrd Land was known has The House Of Lords Of The Kingdom of Grant Island.

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