Aidyn I, American Emperor

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Aidyn I
American Emperor
Reign5 November 2020 – 15 November 2020
Coronation5 November 2020
PredecessorMonarchy established
SuccessorRyan Lynch (Republican government established under Aidyn Bratt)
Born27 August 2005 (2005-08-27) (age 18)
Aurora, Illinois
Aidyn Bratt
FatherRyan Bratt
MotherSarah Bratt
OccupationGrocery Store Cashier (2021)
SignatureAidyn I's signature

Aidyn Bratt is the current Emperor of the American Empire.


Aidyn formed the newly established American Republic during the COVID-19 pandemic. He made a speech saying he was going to create a new constitution for the republic and also making the directory (an assembly that makes laws). He has assumed the title "Minister of the Economy" on October 21, 2020. As time passed by, The American Republican Government gained land and both houses of the Directory decided to make an empire under him.


He established himself as emperor of the American Empire.

Personal life

Aidyn enjoys going for walks and making speeches to his micronation. He also enjoys fishing along the lakefront.

Temporary Abdication

Aidyn I stepped down temporarily as emperor of the American Empire. This is because he stated that he did not want to rule right now, he had family and school issues.