American Empire

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American First Empire
Flag (14).png
Coat of arms of American Empire
Coat of arms
Motto: Primum Civibus! (Our citizens first!)
Anthem: Te Deum
LocationContiguous United States (de facto)
Aurora, Illinois(de jure)
CapitalAurora, Illinois
GovernmentUnitary Constitutionally Absolute Monarchy
• Emperor
• Prime Minister
• Director of the Assembly
House of Representatives
• Estimate
9 (estimate) 328.2 Million (claimed)
CurrencyAmerican dollar


The American Empire, commonly referred to as the American First Empire or the Aidynist Empire, was a former republic the size of a backyard of Aidyn Bratt (Aidyn I). The capital is Aurora Illinois. The Republic grew massively under the Directory. The Empire was established under the constitution year MMXX. The empire was involved in 2020 American Communist Civil War.


The American Empire was founded on November 15, 2020, and Established Aidyn I as American Emperor. Ryan Lynch created the COVID-19 Task Force to tackle the virus. The AFTA (American Free Trade Agreement) was created to have free trade between all American micronations.


Aidyn I, American Emperor dissolved the empire on November 15, 2020, due to the fact that it was struggling to make ends meet and fell apart. He became president Aidyn Bratt.

Coronavirus Pandemic

PM Ryan Lynch created a COVID-19 Task Force to tackle the virus and race to get a vaccine.


The American Imperial Armed Forces Defends the Empire from attackers, foreign and domestic.