Ahmedunnisa I

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Ahmedunnisa I
Queen Consort of Ahmedland
Assumed office
31 October 2010
Predecessor vacant
Successor Incumbent
Emperess of Ahmedland
On office
perhaps 12 September - 31 October 2010
Predecessor Role established
Successor Role abolished
Matriarch of the Ahmed Family
Formally assumed office
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 14 Jumada I 1944
Citizenship Canadian
Spouse(s) Uddin I
Residence Ahmedland castle

Ahmedunnisa I is the Queen of Ahmedland, reigning as the consort of Uddin I.

As, Uddin I succeeded the child king Abdus-Samad (r. 2009-10), who was unmarried throughout his short reign, Ahmedunnisa I is the first Royal Consort of an Ahmed monarch.


The title Ahmedunnisa is derived from the Queen's original middle name, meaning "the most-praised of women". However, she is addressed in one of four styles by various members of Ahmedland citizenery, more commonly known as Ahmedlanders.

While the resemblance between the regal title Ahmedunnisa and the name of the Ahmed family is coincedental, Ahmed historians suggested used for Ahmed Queens Ahmedunnisa II and Ahmedunnisa III derived on their last names. This is because sequential naming is preferred for purposes of regality and public broadcasting.

The palace

Ahmedland is epitomized by the Royal residence, of which the Queen resides; in fact, the house has been in her husband's property for over forty years.

In popular culture

While respected by the media, Ahmedunnisa I has been known to restrict her public statements to official channels of conversation. Unlike Uddin I—who has only once in 10 years issued a publication ban—she has declined to be quoted for Ahmedland's newsmagazines claiming it might lead to lack of appreciation. She has been known to make occasional exceptions for motivational statements.

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