Administrative Agency

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Administrationsaufsicht (ger)
Administrative Agency (eng)
Административное учреждение (rus)
行政机关 (cmn)

Pangavia - Government Flag-01.png
Headquarters Bischofshofen, PPDR

Established 3 October 2017

Executive CC of the Pangavian Communist Workers' Party

The Administrative Agency (German: Administrationsaufsicht) is the governmental institution responsible for common mass adminsitrative tasks having to be carried out by the government of the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic. Such tasks usually include notarial acts or distributing and inspecting state documents.

AA uniform

Ranking System

Rank category Rank (English) Rank (German) Abbreviation Shoulder board insignia
Administrative officers Administrative intendant Administrationsintendant AdmI. Pangavia Rank 13 AA.png
Colonel Oberst Obt. Pangavia Rank 12 AA.png
Lieutenant Colonel Oberstleutnant Obl. Pangavia Rank 11 AA.png
Major Major Maj. Pangavia Rank 10 AA.png
Lieutenant Major Majoradjutant MaA. Pangavia Rank 9 AA.png
Captain Hauptmynn Htm. Pangavia Rank 8 AA.png
1st Lieutenant Oberleutnant OLtn. Pangavia Rank 7 AA.png
2nd Lieutenant Leutnant Ltn. Pangavia Rank 6 AA.png
Enlisted Staff Seargent Oberwachtmeister OWtm. Pangavia Rank 4 AA.png
Seargent Wachtmeister Wtm. Pangavia Rank 3 AA.png
Cadet Kadett Kdt. Pangavia Rank 2 AA.png
Private Rekrut Rkt. Pangavia Rank 1 AA.png