2024 Soviet Henillion leader election

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2024 Soviet Henillian leader election
January 1, 2024 2026 →

46 members of the Electoral Assembly
22 electoral votes needed to win
Candidate Viktor Borzilov Ivan Budanov Voschik Nevoky III
Party Soviet Henillianist Party Nevokists of Henillian Union Party Fioletovaya Party
Home state Stotniki Luis Sedimenya
Running mate Robert Krapalov Boris Chazov Mark Nevoky Jr.
Electoral vote 22 4 20

Leader before election

Ralph Nevkeylem
Soviet Henillianist Party

Elected Leader


The 2024 election is the 1st election held in the Soviet Henillian Union. voters elected the leader for the 2 year term. Ralph Nevkeylem did not ran in this election. Voschik Nevoky's son also ran for the Fioletovaya Party. the election did not effect the legislature or any governors in the federal subjects. Viktor Borzilov and Robert Krapalov will be sworn into office on April 20th, 2024.