2021 Deeglandian coup

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The 2021 Deeglandian coup was a self-coup in the Free State of Deeglandia that saw the collapse of the Fascist government and the creation of the People's State of Deeglandia, a Communist government.

2021 Deeglandian Coup
Date14 April 2021
Status Government overthrown
Collapse of Fascist government
Creation of People's State of Deeglandia
Communal People's Republic of Wamong
Free State of Deeglandia
Units involved
7 1


The Free State of Deeglandia was founded as the Fascist successor state to the National State of Deegranto, which was also Fascist, on 28 May 2020. It was fairly successful for a long time until 17 July 2020, when it suddenly began collapsing due to it falling into inactivity, which it had been gradually moving towards in the months prior. By that point, it had essentially collapsed, and the regime there was weak. However, the Fascists held onto power. By 10 March 2021, however, things began going badly, as their border state, Wamong, suddenly flipped to Communism, and they were looking for expansion. Deeglandia, being the weak nation, was seen as a good target, as it was hoped that the creation of an Eastern Bloc-esque alliance would help boost the nation's influence. The coup was planned, and it wouldn't be set into motion until 14 April 2021.


By 14 April 2021, the Fascists had been in power for nearly a year, but the regime would be ended with the coup. The regime suddenly split in half between the Communists and the Fascists. The Wamongian government decided to fund the Communists, who quickly crushed the Fascist faction, and the regime was overthrown after 321 days in power.


Afterward, the Free State of Deeglandia was dissolved and replaced with the People's State of Deeglandia. The Communists seized power, and the Wamongian military set up a government for the new nation.