2019 Kapresh coup d'état attempt

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2019 Kapresh coup d'état attempt
LocationOak Forest
DateOctober 2019
TargetKapresh Royal Family
MotiveTo take control over the Empire of Kapreburg

The 2019 Kapresh coup d'état attempt is an attack that is planned to be executed by Ayden Coleman and Jeremiah McKinney. As of December 2019 the planners have seemed to have quit on their plans. The plans were not serious and mostly comical, when revealing their plans, Coleman and McKinney were clearly being sarcastic.


The plan of the attackers is to "assassinate" Jackson I of Kapreburg on 31 October 2019 and to kill the rest of the Kapresh Royal Family, therefore gaining the power to take over the Empire. The 2 suspects are being interrogated by the Royal Family, along with this, the Royal Family has stated that they are taking security measures to prevent any loss of life.

Jackson I assassination attempts

7 October 2019

On 7 October 2019, Tsar Jackson I of Kapreburg was in Oak Forest when Ayden Coleman attempted to pull him back and stab him with a mechanical pencil. Jackson I was able to push back Ayden's arm and avoided being stabbed.