2014 New Elmhurstian Coup d'etat

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2014 New Elmhurstian Coup d'etat
Date1 September 2014
Status Ended
Tsarist Flag fam.pngRoyal Government TF3.pngEren Scott and his rebels
Commanders and leaders
Tsarist Flag fam.png Ben Norris TF3.png Eren Scott
2 4

The 1 September 2014 Military Coup in New Elmhurst was the event that caused current ruler Eren Scott to take power. He, along with other military figures removed the Government of Prime Minister Ben Norris.

Leading up to the Coup

New Elmhurst had been a territory of the Sorrenian Federation for a short period before the coup. When New Elmhurst was forced to leave Sorrenia, the Tsar of the time, Michael Brazeu made Scott a citizen.

The Coup

On the first of September, Eren Scott, along with Michael Brazeu took over all New Elmhurstian social media accounts, as well as the capital of New Elmhurst. Brazeu abdicated, placing Scott in charge as Tsar.Ben Norris was put on trial,before being exiled from the country.


Eventually Scott would exile Brazeu, as he would eventually commit treason. He would also exile everybody that had worked with the Government of Ben Norris. Everyone that was involved in the original New Elmhurstian government was systematically eliminated from any position of power, as well as having their citizenship revoked.