2013 San Valerian Coup d'état

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2013 San Valerian Coup d'état (San Valerian Civil War)
Date16 Decembrer 2013 - 23 December 2013
Result Lorenzo Ochetti rises to power
Government of San Valerio
Socialist Republic of San Valerio
Anti Governament Coalition
Kingdom of San Valerio
Commanders and leaders
Valerio Santorini (WIA)
Michele Costantino
Lorenzo Ochetti
52 35

On 16 December 2013, a coup d'état was attempted in the San Valerio against state institutions, including the government and President Valerio Santorini. The coup began at approximately 9:00 AM, and a group of mercenaries paid by Lorenzo Ochetti attacked the parliament. During the coup, Valerio Santorini was wounded but fortunately, he managed to escape and take refuge in Italy.