1st Republic of V'Nu

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The 1st Republic of V'Nu is a republic founded on 14/08/2020.

1st Republic of V'Nu
Flag1212955750.pngQui 13 08 2020 22 12 19.png

In March!, N'Vu, land of glory.
Registro, SP, Brazil
Capital cityHaeyongdae
Largest cityHaeyongdae
Official language(s)English
Recognised languagesBrazilian Portuguese
Short nameV'Nu
GovernmentDual-President Republic
- PresidentsTukat Ætimak and Lukas Norvu
- Prime MinisterMr. Vincent
LegislatureNational Congress
- Upper HouseHouse of Upper Congress Politicals
- Lower HouseHouse of Lower Congress Politicals
- Number of seats - 6
Established14th August 2020
Area claimedN/A
Population0 (9 virtual citzens)
CurrencyN'Vu Real [NV$] (Physical currency is Brazilian Real)
Time zoneUTC-3
Internet TLD.nu (planned)
National sportN'Vu-nanish Soccer
National dishBaegonyang (rice, beans, meat. Original recipe)
National drinkLemon juice
National animalCat


Parland.png The Democratic Republic of Parland

AltaviaFlag.png Altavia

Name origin

V'Nu have an unknown origin.


Their origins comes from the Rasid Dictatorship. Rasid got dissolved on Febuary 2020. In july, the Republic of Ponta dos Corvos got created, dissolved on the same month, It was created the Empire of Yat, that become a colony of Troia (Still exists, Republic of Troia). Teujot Commonwealth got created, and V'Nu got created.


V'Nu millitary have acctually 2 branches: Navy and Coastal Guard. Their equipment is locally maked, made by VNEC (V'NU NATIONAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION).