"Bureaucratic" Supreme of DRCC

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The "Bureaucratic" Supreme of DRCC is the body of Executive Ministers responsible for the executive administration and governance of DRCC, composed of the General-Secretary and eight Executive Ministers. Executive Ministers are appointed by the General-Secretary. The "Bureaucratic" Supreme of DRCC's name is based loosely "communist" politburo in Soviet Union. The current "Bureaucratic" Supreme of Cinnamon Creek is comprised of:

Portfolio Minister In office since
General-Secretary Dallin Langford 26 June 2014
Commissioner Travis Kerr* 26 November 2015
Minister of State Meagan Chase* 30 June 2014
Minister of Defense Nick Ace* 30 June 2014
Minister of Health and Transportation Henry Chester* 30 June 2014
Minister of Culture and Media Bella Topgrove* 26 November 2015
Minister of Treasury Gabriel Woodland* 21 September 2014
Minister of Interior Clayton Johnson* 29 July 2014
Minister of Justice and Development Tel' Rise* 16 February 2015