Zealandian memes and expressions

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Many Expression and Memes are centred around Sweden

Ja, Nej

Zealandian and Swedish language versions of the common Australian expression yeah nah.

What the f**k you marry your gameboy?

Taken from an internet meme and has now become somewhat of an in joke in Zealandia.

I'll make Stalin look like an anarchist

Used as humorous threat, another version is "I'll make Stalin look like a goddamn kitten"

"Hello Sverige"

This phrase was first uttered by Charlotte Lindstrom in November 2011, when she was late for a class and could not think of a reasonable excuse as she entered the room. It has now come to be a humorous phrase usually uttered by some Zealandians when late.

Du aær donur

Lt. You are doughnut.
This expression came about after Daniel Anderson misread his translated name thinking that he was being called a doughnut, it generally refers to something silly that a person has done.

Pat Fishie

Pat Fishie is a phrase and saying usually used in a slight mocking tone against Charlotte Lindström and is in reference to an incident at a Sydney bar were Charlotte Lindström tried to lean over some railings to pat the fish in Sydney Harbour.