Yusenko Vadkov

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Yusenko Vadkov
Йусенко Вадков
Honorific-prefix Prime Minister (in Cheslovia)
Name Yusenko Vadkov (Kaznian name)
Nationality Cheslovian, British, EU
Term Start 6 March 2010
Term End Ongoing
Predecessor None
Successor N/A
Date of Birth 09.09.1991
Birthplace Oxford, UK
Party Independent
Other Party affiliations None
Religion Atheist

Yusenko Vadkov, (born 9 November 1991) is the third Prime Minister of Cheslovia, taking Yuri Veshkov position after he voluntarily resigned. Originally hoping for the positio of President Yusenko was given position of Prime Minister. Yusenko hails from no Cheslovian political party and considers himself an "anarchist", although taking an oath to serve Cheslovia professionally.


Yusenko had originally wanted to be "behind the scenes" of micronationalism, appearing as little as possible on the micronational community and only working within Cheslovia. Several times during mid 2009 he mentioned his desire to become President of Cheslovia. Prior to becomming Prime Minister, he was the CEO of the Cheslovian company "Mazhvydase" and also a police officer in the Cheslovian police force.