Wustrian-Astain War

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The Wustrian-Astain War was a war that began sometime during 2017-2018, it is undetermined if the war is considered to be ongoing as of 2020.

Wustrian-Astainian War

This war was between Astain and Wustria, and started on December 30, 2017, and is still unclear if it has ended.


There so far, has been minor conflicts, but no official attacks yet, but is scheduled to have an attack starting March 30, 2018. There is expected to have air soft guns and Nerf guns for weapons, and President Adam confirmed that they have a weapon saying "Wustria has no clue whats coming for them," saying they have a "Bomb" and tested it multiple times, and is extremely powerful, but Astain only has nerf. "If this bomb gets in your eyes, you will get permanent damage to your eyes." Adam said. He also said he is getting air soft pistols.

Claims on hurting the wolf tribe

The wolf tribe is a group of people mostly descended from Russia, Germany, Denmark, and China. They live in Astain, but the war is hurting the population, and say that the war should stop. They claim that more people have left the wolf tribe, and in 2016 it was 30 people, but in 2018, it was less, at about 14-18 people.


There has been spies multiple times from both sides, such as Ordana, Astain, Wustria, Bayerliberty Republic, and Commonwealth Federation.


There was supposed to be one, but both can't agree on the treaty, and if not, the war will continue.


There has only been one propaganda picture, and was by Wustria.